The Ninja of Jewel Blade is in your finger! Collect different jewels avoiding different blades in each fun level.
Jewel Blade is an addictive and exciting adventure filled with mysterious jewels and well-designed levels for you to play in all time!
With gem style items to pick and avoid in each level, Jewel Blade is a new generation of the game of jewels and blades together. Let’s get started to pick up!
* Collect as fast as a ninja!, * Complete the missions! * No bleeding!

How to Play:
– Pick the jewels as fast as you can by tapping the on screen
– Avoid collecting negative items that can harm you
– Try to collect positive items that can help you
– Avoid the blade (Or else, your finger will be bleeding and your health will decrease)
– Hurry up; you may run out of time; you are racing with time
– Try to get 3 stars for the levels because you will need them for the boss levels
– Reach your target stars to make the final fights with your enemies

Game Features:
– 150 challenging levels and more to come
– Boss fight levels
– Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface
– Power ups and power down items
– Easy and fun to start, develop your speed skill by picking up