Kids Playlist Creator – Youtube

It is a video player that allows our children to safely watch YouTube on the go.
As parents, we know that we can not limit our children while watching cartoons and children’s content from our mobile phone. We can not control both the monitoring period and the content that your child is watching. Unfortunately, the process started by watching cartoons may end with the viewing of harmful content. The Secure Child Video Player has been developed to ensure the safe viewing of cartoon content.
Once you have created and saved your own video listener, you can safely watch it.

*** ATTENTION: It is necessary to be connected to the internet in order to view the videos. Video may not be displayed when there is no connection and sometimes at low connection speeds.
*** No limit on the number of video surveillance in the initial setup. If you want to limit, go to the “Settings” page from the menu.

* Video search and viewing
* Create Custom video lists
* Limit the number of watches for videos. Exceeding the number of surveys that you allow, there is no solution other than closing the software for your child
* Provides Turkish and English language support.
* No ads!
* Does not include in-app purchases!
* 3rd party does not contain advertisements!
* Does not collect personal data from you!