Speed Hills” is a realistic and exciting car driving game that drive freely within the city and complete its assigned special tasks and missions on time and in a proper manner in the endless hills. Stop them by hitting cars for money, discover secret passages and things, fly from bridges. Have fun with different cars and enjoy driving.
Completely realistic rural missions and exciting highway and rural car driving experience.

– Realistic county car driving (Cool car driving physics)
– Realistic traffic system (Intelligent traffic cars system for city wanderer cars)
– Police car and sports car unlocks
– Amazing and challenging missions
– More than 10 perfect cars for player (Classics cars , Sports cars , Exotic cars, American cars, Russian cars and shuttles)
– Lots of traffic cars (Trucks, mini trucks, buses, shuttles, sedans, motorbikes, sport cars)
– Big city map with bridges and streets
– Various camera angles (Bumper cam, Top cam, Helicopter cam)
– Amazing 3D graphics
– Realistic car sound effects
– Rich types of traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs

– Play again completed missions to earn more money. Unlock other cars
– Use navigation arrow to track the target
– Navigation arrow collor will be changed to red when you close to the target
– Change camera to follow the target easily
– Follow main roads to go to the target, instead of paths
– Use Free Drive Mission to explore county, to earn money to buy faster cars
– You can stop the cars and earn money while go to pursuit missions
– If you stopped a vehicle, you can not earn money again by bumping it
– The health bar will appear on the vehicle you are hitting and will give information about the life level of the bumped car in the speed hills