Street Car Racers

Street Car Racers is an exciting, smashed up traffic racer game. It is a new type of endless arcade racing and driving in wild streets.

In Street Car Racers, drive your car through highway traffic, earn racing and drift points, unlock new cars, hit street objects and jump over ramps. It also has day / night scenes and free drive mode.

Catch up checkpoints, upgrade your car and unlock new ones. Be the fastest driver in global leaderboards. Endless racing is now redefined! Of course after traffic racer.
Use your cars’ strength, speed and your skill. Drive longer, jump higher, hit proper and drift to gain leaderboard reputation points. Unlock items, cars and levels.

– Pickup
– Muscle Car
– Racing Car
– Free Drive Mode
– Sedan Car
– Sports Car
– Day / Night Select Mode
– Handbrake

– Blazing 3D graphics
– Realistic car handling
– Various type levels
– Different cars having different powers and speeds
– Game modes: Day and night drives in the rush city streets. Jumpy roads, curved roads, roads filled with objects to hit.
– Intelligent traffic cars and static ones.
– Online Leaderboards and Achievements

– Tilt right / left to steer
– Touch gas button to accelerate
– Touch brake button to slow down
– Jump over ramps, hit objects, catch up checkpoints to earn points and increase lifetime.

– The faster and longer you drive the more scores you get
– Hit objects to get higher scores